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RD Smith takes great pride in the skill and experience of all the members of our staff. Our field sales force is made up of dedicated professionals whose focus is on the finest service available to our customers. From the general parts and supplies needed for day to day operations to the larger capital equipment, the most efficient and valuable solution to our customers' needs is our goal. Our territory representatives take pride in the service they provide through their regularly scheduled visits. In the case of major projects or equipment, our technical sales representative is available at any time to spend additional time with the customer in order to provide the most valuable solution to our customer's application.

Each of our inside sales representatives rely on many years of experience serving the dairy and food processing industries in the Eau Claire area. These individuals are available at any time to answer inquiries, enter orders or provide the customer with any information required concerning pricing, delivery, or products.

Our administrative and accounting staff will provide accurate and timely order entry, invoicing and other related services. Our computer accounting system is designed solely for wholesale distribution and will provide timely, accurate data.

The shipping, receiving, and delivery personnel are dedicated to their role in providing our customers their required merchandise in a prompt and correct manner.

All of the employees of RD Smith are here to serve all of our customers in the manner which they require and deserve.